Enough!- Another Israeli-American Says No to Zionism

The New Loyalty Oath- Israel’s Declaration of Fascism

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Need I say more?

*Sigh* Israel has pushed the boundaries of how overtly racist it is willing to act while holding on to it’s “democratic” front…

The Israeli Cabinet has affirmed an amendment that would require non-Jewish citizens to swear their allegiance to Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state”- in essence casting Israel’s non-Jewish population (aprx. 20%) as official second class citizens (though they have been treated in this manner since Israel’s birth).  Both Netanyahu and Liberman are supporting this measure though outrage is being widely expressed in the Israeli media.

Today in Tel-Aviv, a protest rally was held against the “Loyalty Oath Bill” where members, including hundreds of Israeli academics signed “The Declaration of Independence from Fascism” which reads as follows:

“A state which forcibly invades the hallowed realm of the individual citizen’s conscience, and which imposes punishment on those whose opinions and beliefs do not fit the authorities’ opinions and the prescribed “character” of the state, stops being a democracy and embarks on becoming a fascist state.

Behind these stairs where we stand, the state of Israel was proclaimed. The state which increasingly takes Israel’s place – a state which fills the country with a variety of racist legislation, promoted by the Knesset and the cabinet – is excluding itself from the family of democratic nations. Therefore we, citizens of the Israel envisaged in the Declaration of Independence, hereby declare that will not be citizens of a country purporting to be Israel and which violates its basic commitment to the principles of equality, civil liberty and sincere aspiration for peace – principles upon which the State of Israel was founded.”

Weeks ago, when this “Loyalty Oath” was still a rumor, Max Blumenthal et al took to the streets with their makeshift version of the new Loyalty Oath.  Blumenthal says “Our oath was deliberately crafted with the most provocative language possible, based almost word-for-word on the Führereid, or the oath that Wehrmacht soldiers had to swear to Adolph Hitler from 1934 to 1945.”

The Wehrmacht Oath reads as follows:

I swear by God this holy oath, that I want to offer unconditional obedience to the Fuhrer of the German Empire and people, Adolf Hitler, the commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht, and be prepared as a brave soldier to risk my life for this oath at any time.”

The Oath Blumenthal and his team asked their participants to recite reads as follows:

“I swear by Hashem [the Jewish God] that I want to offer unconditional loyalty to the Jewish state of Israel, to its leaders and the commanders of its Jewish army. I am prepared as a loyal supporter of the Jewish state to risk my life for this oath at any time.”

The sickening results:

… And yet, Palestinian recognition of the state of Israel as a Jewish state, one which ignores their fundamental rights is a “precondition for peace”….


Written by Keren Carmeli

October 11, 2010 at 6:45 pm

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