Enough!- Another Israeli-American Says No to Zionism

“An Arab Murdered During Quarrel with Jews in Jerusalem”

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This one needs no introduction…

Original article appeared on Nana10’s website 2/11/11 by Shir Sagi

Translated 2/13/11 by Keren Carmeli

A fight which broke out in Cat Square between Jews and Arabs who were inebriated ended with the death of a 24 year old man from East Jerusalem. Police arrested two suspects, but so far they have refused to cooperate with the investigation.

A quarrel between Jews and Arabs ended with a death. A 24 year-old was murdered early this morning (Friday) in central Jerusalem. The youth was stabbed by Jews with whom he had quarreled in the capitol’s center.

According to police, the fight broke out in the early morning hours near Cat Square in Jerusalem. According to the report, all parties involved in the quarrel were under the influence at the time. During the quarrel the young man was badly injured and others sustained mild injuries.

The 24 year-old, an Arab resident of East Jerusalem, was evacuated by emergency medical crew to Hadasa Ein Cerem hospital in the city, where he later died of his injuries. Jerusalem’s police arrested two suspects in the murder but so far they have refused to cooperate with investigators. In conjunction, the police has decided to send the body of the youth for autopsy at the clinic for legal medicine in Abu Khabir.

This is not the only instance of stabbing among youths in the last 24 hours. Last night a 20 year-old resident of Gan- Yavne was stabbed in a nightclub in Ashdod. The young man was referred for medical attention in a mild condition. Ashdod’s police has started an investigation. The nightclub is closed until Sunday, and the club’s owners are scheduled to appear at the hearing.




  1. Crowds need to be dispersed in this death-square.
  2. Tov meod- (very good!)
  3. He deserves it the son of a bitch maniac Muhammad equals a pig a good Arab is a dead Arab it’s so great to hear this.
  4. How many friends could be arrested- I don’t believe it was 2, they took 17 hahahahahah Maniac Arab
  5. I’m the bomb
  6. Good



Written by Keren Carmeli

February 14, 2011 at 1:51 am

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