Enough!- Another Israeli-American Says No to Zionism

“Does the Educational Channel Recognize Palestine?”

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An apparent “slip of the tongue” by a reporter from Israel’s Educational Television’s show Oseem Seder, has resulted in calls that she be fired for her biased reporting. The faux-pa? Referring to areas beyond the Green Line as ‘Palestine’, contradicting her guest’s term ‘Judea and Samaria’. The article is nowhere to be found on Ynet’s English edition and was thus translated (as were a number of selected comments).

What seems most astounding is the supposition that the use of ‘Judea and Samaria’ is apolitical, that it, unlike ‘Palestine’ is not pregnant with political innuendo, religious implications and questionable legal status. Thus, ‘Judea and Samaria’ is used as the default by the Ynet reporter describing the episode, adding fuel to the fire of terminology.

Does the Educational Channel Recognize Palestine?

Original Article by Eran Bar-On, 2/13/11 Ynet  Hebrew

Translated by Keren Carmeli 2/13/11

Original :,7340,L-4027821,00.html

The Educational Television Channel has received fuming comments after Gal Gabai called the areas of Judea and Samaria “Palestine” on her show Oseem Seder (Making Order). This was also the term used in the episode’s description on the Education Channel’s website, until this was altered due to public complaints. “I apologize if anyone was hurt” says Gabai.

Gal Gabai “Makes Order” in the state of Israel. An episode of the show Oseem Seder which was broadcast last week on Channel 23 (Cheenoocheet 23), aroused enraged comments from many viewers. On her show, Gabai hosted Amotz Eyal who discussed his participation in hikes in Judea and Samaria. Gabai added “in Palestine”. Even after Eyal corrected her that he was speaking of area outside the Green Line, Gabai continued to argue that he was speaking of Palestine.

Following the episode’s airing, representatives from the Yiseael Shelly (My Israel) movement turned to Minister of Education Gideon Sa’ar and President of Educational Television Yafa Vigodski with demands that Gabai be fired. “Approximately half a million Israelis live in the area beyond the Green Line. It is unacceptable that a news presenter should define the lands on which the homes of roughly ten percent of the Israeli population are bulit as ‘Palestinian lands’”, wrote the organization.

Many citizens protested on the show’s website. According to them, it is improper that a television presenter of a show funded by the public should express herself in such a way. In the address to the Minister of Education Yisrael Sheli wrote “As you know, the Israeli Educational Television, operates under your department and is funded by the citizens of the state of Israel. Suppose another television host would have taken a positive stance on the idea of the Transfer of Palestinians- would it also be ignored by the management of Educational Television?”

It is important to point out that the show’s description on its website included “settler hiking in Palestine: intentional political provocation?”. After the many complaints the site received, the description was changed to “settler hiking in Judea and Samaria: intentional political provocation?”

Production sources stated “in general, the discussion was about trying to discern where the hikers were hiking- in Israeli territories or areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority. And in the event that they were hiking in areas control by the Authority, were they backed by an IDF approval and security forces. The discussion was not political and members of the movement have twisted things in an irresponsible way for political means.”

Those close to Gabai say that she’s been under attack ever since “Gal dedicates her life to serving the public and she’s the last person one could call anti-Israeli. Luckily she has the full support of the network”.

Gal Gabai said in response “to eliminate any doubts- during the discussion about hiking in the territories of Judea and Samaria, an attempt was made to determine where exactly these hikes take place. During this inquiry, an inappropriate use of the term “Palestine” was made when the reference was only to the territories controlled by the PA. It saddens me to see that within the public discourse that developed, an error was misconstrued as a position. It is important to note that the mistake on the Educational Television’s website was fixed the following day. Things were said for the sake of discussion and were not meant to express one position or another. I have nothing else to do but apologize if anyone was offended by my words.”

The Educational Television replied that “the term which should have been used is ‘territories of the Palestinian Authority’ and not ‘Palestine’. More than this, the explanation of journalist Gabi Gabai speaks for itself.”

And now the user comments…

96. Understand and embrace it there is no such thing as Palestine and there never was.

92. There need to be a media revolution. After it the media will express the views of the sane majority of the people and not those of the Left minority currently controlling it. This day will come.

91. To all the leftist  I recommend the book In Defense of Israel by Prof. Alan Dershowitz- there you will get all your answers.

90. De-Facto it is Palestine and she has the right to call it that. An excellent and quality journalist. What are you scared of? That the truth might finally be articulated in words? That your nationalistic worldview might be challenged? If you are certain of your century-traversing, morally-corrupting righteousness , why are you getting so upset?

87. You are stricken from my book as a journalist. Simply an ignorant and talentless woman.

80. “Educational”?!? Are you normal?! Did you notice her response? “The Educational Television replied that “the term which should have been used is ‘territories of the Palestinian Authority’ and not ‘Palestine’” That term is also wrong!!! These are areas C- ours! Fire anti-zionist Gal Gabai immediately!

73 C. Judea for Jews

66. Disgrace! How is it that a reporter for a publicly funded station calls the lands of the country ‘Palestine’? Who exactly is she working for? Israel or the PA?

65. The best reporter on television!!!

59. Instead of making peace- keep playing with poopoo. The word- washing machine is working overtime. What fear grips a people that when someone calls something by its real name, when someone expresses an opening that is different than the average opinion.. What insecurity reigns when one word here or there shakes people so much…

58. Another loony at my expense, Y’allah- go to Gaza.

53. And I’m supposed to pay for this? Fire her immediately! The height of Hootzpa! On IDF radio stations and on Channel 1 they must be raising Leftist in hot houses. How can it be that the left has gotten hold of all key positions in this country?! It’s high time to change direction! It’s time for the Jewish majority- the Right camp- to make a little order in our country!!! If you’ve ever studied history you know well there’s no connection between the term ‘Palestine’ and the Arabs in this country, so how dare you call this area Palestine? ‘Jordanian Territory’ is one thing, but ‘Palestinian’?? How many stupid people can we raise in this country? (I recommend researching! Read a book or see Mordechi Kidar on YouTube). Knesset members are accused of treason under extreme conditions and still get a salary from me? Members of Knesset are calling for Arab youth to rise up against me and put my family in danger and they still get a salary from me? Knesset members are calling for young people to live in Bni Barak to avoid serving in the army and still get a salary from me? What’s going on here?! No More!!!

52. Gal Gabai quit. Go be a Palestinian journalist…. She fits Al-Jazeera, not Educational Television. We are the Jewish people, so how did this become Palestine?

48. What’s the big deal? She’s right. This is Palestine. It’s about time we stop lying to ourselves. And to all those who are surprised, just because you don’t want to call a child by his name, doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.

32. Good for Gal. Journalists should have an opinion instead of being puppets. In contrast to popular belief, the Israeli media is right-leaning and this article proves my point.

28. We should call Educational Television “Palestinian Television”

17. Fire her immediately. Maybe Hamas or Hezbollah will hire her.


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February 14, 2011 at 12:09 am

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