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“Exclusive: The IDF Raids the Homes of Palestinian Youth”

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This in an article taken from Nana10’s website which describes and features a video of IDF soldiers raiding the homes of Palestinians in the middle of the night, waking young boys from their beds, taking their pictures and leaving. This is hardly news to those who have been hearing of such nightly break-ins at best and kidnapping and murders at their worst, yet Nana10 presents this as a new tactic embraced by the IDF. Outrageous. The footage is graphic and features soldiers being incredibly aggressive. The comments prove the inability of many Israelis to see reality and instead pity the soldiers in this situation- fully armed, instead of the young, sleeping boys. Unfortunately I seem to be having a hard time uploading these videos with English subtitles but for those of you who speak Hebrew or Arabic, note one of the mothers at aprx. 1:58: “So it’s a crime for him [her son] to pick up a stone and throw it at you, but for you to come in here with weapons is ok?”

Exclusive: The IDF Raids the Homes of Palestinians Youth

Nana 10 Article, Or Heller 2/13/11

Translated by Keren Carmeli 2/13/11

The IDF “maps” the houses of Palestinians with the intention of familiarizing itself with the places in which Palestinian youths are likely to hide in the event that they become wanted by the IDF. The method- entering the houses, removing the residents even in the wee hours of the morning and registering the youths.

At midnight, IDF forces enter the Palestinian town of Nabi Salah for some less than routine operations- mapping of the villages’ young Palestinian males. House after house, forces pass through the apartments and order parents to wake their children.

Afterwards, they concentrate the youths, ages 12 to 16, and take down their information before releasing them. This is traumatic for the boys, but as it turns out, the reason for the mapping is that a portion of these boys participates in demonstrations and stone-throwing.

Security forces have been trying to bring the weekly Friday demonstrations to an end for some time now. Due to the fact that the IDF and the Israeli Security Agency have no real wanted suspects on their lists, what is left are cat and mouse games. These, unfortunately, film in an extremely poor manner.

The IDF said in response that it implements a variety of tactics in an attempt to maintain order and security.


  1. Good for the IDF! The people are with you! If this is what gets them to understand that they shouldn’t throw rocks at soldiers then it is perfectly acceptable.
  2. I want to see a mother who lets her kids throw rocks at kids.
  3. I think we need to destroy their houses completely and they can throw stones from what’s left.

Written by Keren Carmeli

February 14, 2011 at 1:25 am

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